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So many men have fantasies, often unspoken, of being sexually dominated and fucked by a woman wearing a strap-on dildo. This site is a resource for those men and their female partners. We hope the information we provide will help couples understand and act on these desires for their mutual pleasure.

   Strap-On FAQ
  Frequently asked questions about girl-on-guy strap-on sex.
   Selecting the Right Dildo
  We show you some of the best dildos and accessories to get you started in your backdoor adventures.
   How to Strap It On
  There's a right way and a wrong way to wear a strap-on. Get yours in position and ready for play.
   Bend Him Over
  Ready to rock? Here's how to take charge and give it to him just the way he wants it.
   Strap-On Sex Positions
  Some of the best positions for anal sex with a strap-on.
   The Girl's Guide to the Prostate
  The prostate gland is the male G-spot. Learn how to give him explosive orgasms and have him begging for more. 
   Ask "Peg"
  "Is my boyfriend gay?" "Am I going to hurt him?" Peg answers these questions and more about strap-on sex.
   Strap-On Stories
  Stories about guys getting fucked by their girlfriends and wives.

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