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Strap-On Sex Positions

You need to put your man in his place in the bedroom, but you're not sure exactly where to put him? Here are some of the best positions for strap-on sex with your boyfriend.

Doggy Style

Get your guy face down on the bed, couch, or floor, with his head down and his butt up in the air. For extra comfort, he can put a pillow or two under his stomach. This is a good beginner's position because it's comfortable for him and gives you a good view of your target. 

Classic Bend Over Boyfriend

Another submissive position has him standing and bent over at the waist, bracing his hands on his knees, or on a tabletop, chair, or edge of the bed. In this position you can easily reach around to stroke his cock.

Ride 'Em Cowboy

This position can work well if your boyfriend is not too much bigger or heavier than you; otherwise, you may feel you are about to get crushed. Lay on your back and have him straddle you and lower himself onto the dildo. Thrust upward with your hips to fuck him as he rides your cock. This position allows you to jack him off easily because his dick is within easy reach.

Role Reversal

Don't forget the standard missionary position - with a twist. Have him lay down on his back and slip a pillow or two under his butt to raise it up a bit. Then he lifts his legs up while bending them at the knees. After entering his ass, you can lay on top of him and fuck him face to face. This is a romantic position because it allows the partners to make eye contact, kiss, and embrace. If he's flexible, he can also raise his legs up over your shoulders, which will allow for deeper penetration.