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The Girl's Guide to the Prostate

By now everyone knows that the G-spot is the key to mind-blowing climaxes for women. But did you know that men also have a magic hot spot that will send them over the edge and into orgasmic nirvana? Itís known as the prostate gland. Itís most easily stimulated from inside the rectum, but this is only a minor inconvenience. By using a strap-on dildo, you can hit your boyís panic button without even getting your hands dirty. In fact, this is the main reason many men enjoy having their female partners use a dildo on them - the prostate stimulation feels good, and the orgasms are earth-shattering..

The Sources of Semen
The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that is situated under the bladder, behind and just above the base of the penis. It surrounds the urethra, and along with the seminal vesicles provides fluid that mixes with sperm from the testes to make semen. Stimulating the prostate is pleasurable for the man and can result in enhanced orgasms as well as an increase in the amount of cum ejaculated.

The prostate can be massaged externally by placing a finger on the manís perineum (the skin between the scrotum and anus) and pressing up and forward. However, it is much easier to massage the prostate by inserting a finger or dildo into the asshole. The prostate is situated about two inches inside the rectum and lies against the forward rectal wall. Because the tissues of the prostate and rectum are sensitive, approach the prostate with care, rather than just taking a poke at it.

Petting the Prostate
Whether you are using your finger, strap-on dildo, or another toy, make sure it is thoroughly lubricated with water-based lube. If using a finger, insert it into your partnerís ass as far as the second knuckle (or all the way if you have short fingers). Then crook your finger slightly as if beckoning someone or scratching an itch, pressing toward his penis, and pull out towards you. Insert your finger again and repeat this stroking motion.

Using a strap-on dildo to stimulate the prostate works much the same way. Lube and insert the dildo two to three inches into your partnerís ass. As you withdraw the dick, press toward his penis. Itís better to exert pressure on the outstroke rather than the in-stroke to avoid jabbing this sensitive area. If your dildo is a realistic type that has a head on it, the ridge can be used to provide additional stimulation on that spot. Curved dildos designed to stimulate the prostate or G-spot should be positioned so that the curved side will cradle the prostate and reach around it, as your finger would if you were performing digital prostate massage. In other words, if your partner is laying on his back, the curve should be pointing upward, while if you are fucking him doggy style, the curve should go downward.

The prostate is also stimulated by straightforward in-and-out ass fucking, but you can accentuate the stimulation by exerting pressure on the dildo in the direction of the prostate, so that the shaft rubs more firmly against it. Also, concentrating your thrusting motions in short, rapid movements will provide more stimulation against that area. As you fuck him, think of the dildo as an extension of your body, lovingly (or relentlessly) caressing his inner pleasure center.

Sensational Orgasms
When a manís prostate is stimulated, itís not uncommon for him to feel the need to urinate or for pre-ejaculate fluid to come out of the penis. While some men do not enjoy the sensation of having their prostate played with, if your partner experiences significant pain or discomfort (even when heís relaxed and youíre using lube) he should get it checked by a physician or urologist, as it may be a sign of prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) or other conditions.

However, for most men, prostate stimulation greatly enhances the intensity of their orgasmic experience, as well as the force of their ejaculation.. Some men may even climax from prostate stimulation alone. Because the prostate gland takes time to get fully engorged through stimulation, the degree of intensity of the orgasm can vary according to the duration of prostate massage. If you can get him to keep from shooting, the wait may be well worth the results.

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