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Wearing Your Strap-On

There's a right way to wear a strap-on and a wrong way. In order to use a strap-on dildo effectively and comfortably, you need to have it secured in the correct position. Here are some guidelines for getting your gear in line.

Not Too Low

While you the straps of your dildo harness need to be loose enough to allow you freedom of movement, they shouldn't be so loose that the dildo droops between your legs.

This illustration shows a dildo that is hanging too low. A dildo should not be pointing downward from your body; it should be pointing straight out or slightly up. When your dildo is hanging slack between your legs, it's harder to control, like a limp noodle.

Not Too High

You don't want a dangling dildo, but you also don't want one cinched up too high. This illustration shows what happens when a dildo gets too uppity.

Having your dildo riding up around your waist is also wrong. It may cause the straps to cut into your crotch, and the dildo is not positioned naturally. To get the optimal experience for you and your partner, the dildo should be situated directly over your pubic bone.

Just Right

Here is a dildo correctly positioned firmly over the woman's pubis. Getting the dildo aligned over your pubic bone is important because it provides a solid platform for thrusting and assures that the dildo sits at the proper angle for penetration.


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